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Umaima Jamaluddin, MD, FACOG

Gynecologist & Obstetrician located in Bakersfield, CA

You want the best for you and your unborn child, which means doing more than just eating right. Dr. Umaima Jamaluddin, serving Bakersfield, California and the surrounding regions, helps you through every aspect of pregnancy, from preconception to postpartum care, so you have one less worry while preparing for the new addition to your family. Call or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool to start getting the pregnancy care you need.

Pregnancy Q & A

When do you need to see an obstetrician during pregnancy?

You should see Dr. Jamaluddin as soon as you take a pregnancy test and receive a positive result. When Dr. Jamaluddin detects issues early on during fetal development, she can intervene and give you the best chance of having a healthy baby.

During your first visit, if you didn’t take a pregnancy test already, Dr. Jamaluddin gives you one before conducting the rest of the examination, which consists of a breast and vaginal exam. You also undergo a urine test, blood work, and a Pap smear.

Through the blood work, Dr. Jamaluddin evaluates your hormone levels to ensure they’re stable enough to support a healthy pregnancy. If you’re far enough along, Dr. Jamaluddin might let you listen to your baby’s heartbeat. She’ll also estimate your due date based on your last period.

At this stage of your pregnancy, Dr. Jamaluddin asks you questions about your medical and genetic background to identify any possible complications and risk factors and provides you an opportunity to ask questions. She also discusses what you should do during your pregnancy with regards to medications, activities, and foods and beverages.

How frequently does an obstetrician perform an ultrasound during pregnancy?

Your first ultrasound -- a test using sound waves to get an image of your baby -- is often given at your first appointment to confirm your pregnancy. As long as you don’t have any complications, your next one happens between 16-20 weeks, which is when Dr. Jamaluddin can determine the sex of your baby.

Ultrasounds are also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Checking the placenta
  • Analyzing your amniotic fluid level
  • Assessing baby’s size and adjusting the due date
  • Evaluating fetal physical development

How does an obstetrician prepare you for the birth of your baby?

Dr. Jamaluddin discusses your birthing plan, such as how you want to relieve pain during delivery. She might also need to schedule an induction or C-section.

When it’s time for your delivery, Dr. Jamaluddin and her friendly staff comfort you and ensure the process goes smoothly and safely.

Schedule your first prenatal exam with Dr. Jamaluddin over the phone or by using the online booking form. Her knowledgeable and compassionate nature ease women’s fears and concerns during pregnancy.

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